Breakfast at Los Jaliscienses

I’ve found myself on Airport Blvd. more frequently lately and recently stumbled upon my new ‘favorite’ breakfast tacos. Located in an old Wendy’s building just shy of the Lamar intersection, Taqueria Los Jaliscienses has me so hooked that I try to find excuses to head that direction when venturing out in the morning hours.

Los Jalicienses

Breakfast tacos are not complicated, nor difficult to make. Just about any decent Mexican restaurant can whip up very satisfying breakfast tacos that are usually fairly inexpensive. On Sunday mornings, I’ve frequently ordered egg, bacon and cheese breakfast tacos from the Taqueria around the corner from my house. They are always good, include two types of salsa and I like that they use Monterey Jack cheese.

Los Jaliscienses (I have no clue how to pronounce it), is one of those places where the staff barely speaks English, so I figured we should keep it simple. Potato and egg is about as simple as breakfast tacos get – not a lot of work and not a lot of exotic flavor without salsa or seasonings of some kind. So, I ordered three potato and egg tacos on flour, with ‘white’ cheese (your choices are “white or yellow”).

There is usually not a large kitchen staff in the mornings, perhaps just two people, but what’s great is the food is always made up fresh. In other words, the cook scrambles the eggs and mixes the potato in the skillet for my order of three, instead of simply spooning a pre-made mixture out of a heated dish like you might find at a fast food joint or a buffet.

The plate arrived with three of the largest, most beautiful potato and egg tacos I’ve ever seen. The flour tortillas looked home made, the tacos were hot and the cheese was just starting to melt – I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about them. These simple potato and egg tacos were absolutely delicious and what made them so good was the hot sauce.

Like most Taquerias, they offer a choice of two ‘house’ salsas. The house red sauce has a nice tangy taste with a moderate heat level. This red salsa would compliment most any breakfast taco or pretty much any other entrée served. The house green sauce is a different story.

The green salsa is a thick, creamy paste with a bright green color – and it’s incendiary.

I’m not kidding; this stuff is HOT and definitely is to be avoided by anyone who’s tolerance to spice is low. I went in for lunch recently and tried dipping chips in this stuff and it was just too much – this sauce is dangerous. What I discovered is that when mixed with food in the right proportions, it is delicious in a burn your lips kind of way. In devouring those beauties, I was overcome with feelings of contentment and exhilaration. Not only was I breathing freely and my stuffy nose gone, but the corners of my mouth were tingling as well.

I’ve since become something of a regular there and some of the waitresses don’t even bother bringing the red sauce out. One morning they even brought out a larger bowl of the green sauce because sometimes one little cup of that spicy nectar just isn’t enough.

So if you’re looking to kick start your morning and you like spicy, you’re gonna love this. The combination of these tacos with liberal amounts of this sauce will start you right up and will clear your nasal passages better than any over-the-counter decongestant.

Next time , I might try the prickly pear cactus – I’m told it’s tasty and healthy.



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4 responses to “Breakfast at Los Jaliscienses

  1. Move over Kelso, Harry might take your spot, fun reading! I enjoyed the flow of the writing on this article and you have me wanting to try this place out. Mission accomplished! Great pictures too!!

  2. teknohed

    Ok, now you got me hungry. I wonder what makes the green salsa so thick?

    • A very good question indeed. I asked if the peppers in it were habanero but they insist it’s jalapeno. I need a friend who speaks spanish for places like this so I can get questions like that answered. I’m working on that…

  3. Craven

    I really enjoyed reading this blog. I, too, consider myself to be somewhat of a breakfast taco aficionado, but I didn’t know about this restaurant. The pictures are great and the descriptions make me want to visit. Too bad I moved away!!! Breakfast tacos in The Woodlands suck.

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